News & Grey Riders Final part


Tons of news!


Can I say I love you guys? Because we have finally reached the first goal on my Patreon at $250 a month! Patreon subscribers, with the ending of the Grey Riders series, I am going to take this week to get in touch with you and get all the rewards handled.


Second, because I’ve already been doing what the $250 goal says, these goals are getting an upgrade. I can afford to spend more time writing now, and that means Horror Mondays and Science Fiction Wednesdays! Both at 6 PM. That means I’ll be producing for you high-quality horror and science fiction on a regular basis. If you’re only a fan of one of these genres, no worries, I will also be upping my game on each genre individually as much as I can!


Third, I have officially begun work with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights  for the story for the pilot episode of an Animated Series that will be going through Kickstarter soon. This will be pitched to companies like Netflix, so this is HUGE! Can you imagine seeing your favorite author on your Netflix scroll (along with a litany of other super-talented writers bringing you your X-Files and Twilight Zone cravings)? Cause I want to see that happen!


Fourth, whew. Yes, even more. My 6 book compendium of the first 6 series of Portal in the Forest will go live for pre-orders on Amazon NEXT WEEK. Expect to hear more about that!


Fifth. Yes, Fifth! In prep for the CFTDN thing, my website will be getting the upgrade I’ve been trying to find time to do forever. No more terrible basic blog!


And finally, here’s today’s immensely long story to bring Venita’s story to a close:


The Grey Riders, Final Chapter, final part – This was not the beast Venita expected to slay, but it had always been waiting for her.


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